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    Spectacular and Gravity-Defying Levitation Photos by Maryland-based conceptual photographer Bairon Rivera

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    Luigi Prina, 83 years old, has been an architect for more than 50 years. He has been interested in aircraft modelling since a very young age. via National Traveller

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  3. wildletter:

    Hand-knit beasts by freelance designer Debi van Zyl

    "I make thoughtful and unique work that is responsible to its environment and users."

    I’m in love! These are wonderful! 

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  4. motleycraft-o-rama:

    Vintage Crochet from I Just Arted on Etsy.

  5. Ultimate Dog Shaming 2

    This is hilarious!

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  6. Artist Myriam Dion cuts rich textural patterns reminiscent of embroidered lacework right into the pages newspapers. 


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  7. englishsnow:

     Marine Beccarelli

    Gorgeous photographs!

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  8. My new project. Quite pleased with the colour combination since it was just wool I bought for other stuff! The motif is from this pattern by Red Heart.

  9. from89:

    Wiry Limbs, Paper Backs by  Terry Border

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  10. ray-sussmann:

    Liquid Rocks.

    ©Raymond P Sussmann 

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